Red Pepper Productions

Established in 2001, Red Pepper Productions have since gained a reputation for excellence. Our television programmes, whether entertaining or thought-provoking –or both– will leave you with plenty to talk about while our commercials and corporate video productions are memorable and executed to the highest standard.

Please feel free to browse through the different sections of our site to acquaint yourself with our work. We think there will be one or two titles in there which will sound familiar. However, we do not have a monopoly on good ideas so drop us a line if you have a suggestion and who knows what may come of it!


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Tar Abhaile

Only Fools Buy Horses

Hosted by broadcaster Evelyn O'Rourke, Tar Abhaile is an inspirational six part series on TG4, part-funded by the BAI, that follows local Irish communities as they welcome people from across the globe in search of their Irish ancestors. For the descendants, it proves time and time again to be an extremely moving and humbling experience: as the stories of their forefathers are revealed to them, they walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, visit the homesteads where they lived or bow their heads at their graves. And it often brings a tear to the eye.

Ó Tholg go Tolg

Ó Tholg go Tolg

Starring Bláthnaid Treacy and Laura O'Connell, this unique TV format sees two Irish speaking girls 'couchsurf' their way across Europe, getting with the weird, the wonderful and the downright crazy. Along the way the girls are free to chat to each other as Gaeilge knowing nobody else can understand them! Produced for TG4. Winner of a Gold Remi Award at the International Houston Film Festival and nominated for an IFTA and a Celtic Media Award.

Behind The Crime

The Untold Stories

Presented by journalist Alison O'Reilly, Behind the Crime: The Untold Stories is a two-part documentary for TV3, part-funded by the BAI, which seeks to tell the exclusive stories of the family members of people convicted of serious crimes. Instead of focusing on the victims, this programme will look at the impact a criminal's actions have had on innocent people in their families